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Active +

is a workshop programme with a common idea as a foundation, which is addressed to adults who are passionate dancers. It comprises several various dance techniques taught by professionals. The workshops are constructed in a way that it plays a recreational role aside from the emotional aspect and the physical effort due to dance. Each tutor's classes include rehabilitation exercises combined with dance, which contributes to the unique value of the programme. The workshops will be enriched by lectures on the history of the dance art and films about dance.

A significant part of our project is integration between the generation and the meeting of two circles: young professional dances and amateurs who take advantage of dance as a source of vital energy and a method of active recreation. Participation in the workshops does not only result in the integration of the group but also integration between generations because groups exercise next to each other, prepare special shows, take part in seminars and workshop projects and spend their free time together.

The project involves modern, classical, jazz and social dance classes.

Modern dance is a space that provides the participants in the ACTIVE + project an opportunity to express themselves non-verbally, a technique that is very open in its form, oriented towards the cognitive process, expression of emotions, and creativity. During the classes, the participants will be made familiar with the aspects of cooperation with gravity, use of various levels, directions, and dynamic. It is an excellent form of raising awareness of one's own body and the visual expression of movement, and a way to find joy, health, and better knowledge of oneself.

An indispensable dance technique that we offer to our participants is the classical dance technique. The classes teach discipline and coordination of movement, they shape the proper pose, and they are an excellent way to find harmony and show one's sensitivity.

Another proposal under the project is the jazz dance course that allow participants to play with rhythm and express various emotions.

Social dance classes for the ACTIVE + group are primarily fun combined with motion. Hot Latin rhythms of the Brazilian samba or Cuban rumba allow the participants to discover the sensual side to dance, and the standard dances, such as Viennese Waltz or tango, demonstrate beauty and elegance, and make it possible to discover one's body in the new quality of movement. The classes are based on the author's own programme created to convey the social dance technique in the best possible way.

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