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Name of the event: 11th International Contemporary Dance Summer School

Organisers: Silesian Regional Education Centre at Stanisław Hadyna’s ‘ŚLĄSK’ Song and Dance Ensemble

Localization: Palace complex – the home of ‘ŚLĄSK’ Song and Dance Ensemble, Koszęcin, Zamkowa 3 (POLAND)

Date of event: 6-16 July 2016

Range: international


Description: The 10-day intensive programme enables the dancers to develop their dance technique in the field of Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz and Improvisation. During the workshops they take part in preparing choreographies, and improve their skills in individual and group work. They can also present the results of workshop's work during the final concert.


The pedagogues of modern dance present the latest dance techniques and trends which are in demand on dance markets of Europe and the world. The workshops are offered at intermediate and advanced levels.



The programme of the International Contemporary Dance Summer School includes:

  • various dance techniques: Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, Improvisation, supplementary full body training (stretching and the Pilates technique),
  • presentation of the workshops results – final concert,
  • lectures and films on dance

The programme of the International Contemporary Dance Summer School is based on authorial educational programmes of pedagogues – specialists various forms and types of dance.


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