Michaił Zubkov - Poland Artistic Director of the Summer Artistic School

Michał spent 23 years on stage as a dancer. Currently he is a classical dance pedagogue in the „Śląsk” Song and Dance Ensemble (since 2002). Michał finished the ballet school in Perm (Russia). In 1980, he began his career as a dancer in the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Niżnij Novgorod (Russia). He continued in the Opera and Ballet Theatre in Vilnius (Lithuania). Since1992 Michał was a soloist of the Kraków Opera (Poland). He danced in classical ballets (“Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, ”Nutcracker”, “Giselle”) and in modern pieces. In the Vilnius period he made his first attempts to create choreographies, collaborating with the ‘Fajerleh’ Jewish Dance Ensemble. Drawing on the experience he gained in the group he created a choreography for the musical “Fiddler on the Roof”, staged in the Kraków Opera (1993).
In 1995 he founded his own ballet ensemble - the ’Oranim Dance Group’. There he created successive choreographies for the spectacles: ‘Jewish Wedding’, ‘My Chopiniana’, ‘Only Jokes’ and others In 2000 the ‘Oranim Dance Group’ was a prize-winner of the ‘Music World’ Festival in Fivizzano, Italy. The Ensemble performed on numerous stages in Poland and abroad. In 2002 it performed in Paris.
In 2001, together with Kinga Szblowska, Michaił Zubkov won the 2nd prize at the ‘Le Printemps de la Dance’ Contest in Bordeaux (France). In 2005 he was the finalist of the 10th International Competition of Ballet Artists and Choreographers in Moscow (Russia). In 2012 he was the finalist of the 6th International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art in Łódź (Poland).
Michał is a founder, and since 2006, has been the Artistic Director of the International Contemporary Dance Summer School in Koszęcin. As pedagogue, he cooperates with many groups and dance schools in Poland and abroad (Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania and others). He conducts classical and modern dance workshops all over Europe.

Minka-Marie Heiß - Modern Dance

Minka -Marie Heiß was born in 1972 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She studied Mathematics, Sports Science and Contemporary Dance. She was member of the ensemble at the National Theatre Darmstadt and danced with the Slovenian choreographer Iztok Kovac in Munich and Berlin. As a freelancer she also worked with Eugenia Estevez , Ana -Maria Edelmann, Sara Buhr in Gothenburg, Sweden and participated in various choreographic workshops of the portuguese choreographer Rui Horta in Paris and in Montemor -o- Novo, Portugal. Several times she was nominated for the International Solo Dance Festival in Stuttgart as a dancer as well as choreographer and guests with her company "hausgemacht", existing since 2004, all over Germany as well as abroad.
In 2008 she received the Isadora Award of the Iwanson Sixt Foundation for her artistic work.
Since 2000 she’s professor for contemporary dance at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich.
In July, 2010 she was selected for the Swiss International Master Course in Choreography (SIWIC) under the artistic direction of Reinhild Hoffmann, in Zurich, Switzerland, as a choreographer and created and presented different choreographical works at Tanzhaus Zurich. 2011 she created “essentially as I am” with Premiere in Munich and toured with it to Lisbon, Regensburg, Landshut and Marburg. In 2012 she created “risk to fail” with Ballet Pforzheim in Reutlingen. In 2013 she created the work „matter matters?!“ with Premiere in Munich and toured with her company and this piece.
In 2015 she was choreographer in residence at Choreographic Center Heidelberg. Minka-Marie is a guest teacher for , inter alia, the ballet company at the National Theatre Munich, National Theatre Darmstadt, Norrdans and Theatre Boras in Sweden , International Summer Dance Festival in Kosecin , Poland.

Wojciech Domagała - Classical Dance

The graduate of The Felix Parnell Ballet State School in Łódź and The Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw in the field of artistic education, in the scope of musical art, specialisation: ballet pedagogy.
In years 1995 – 2017 he was employed in the team of Teatr Wielki in Łódź (The Grand Theatre in Łódź), where throughout the years of his career he was promoted from a team dancer to a ballet soloist. His more important roles are as follows: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – Puck, “The Promised Land” – Moryc Welt, “Giselle” – Albert’s friend, “Wolfgang Amadeus” – the title part, “Sleeping Beauty”- Joker, “Bolero” – soloist, “Cinderella” – Cardio duet, Sister, “The Nutcracker” – Russian dance, “Swan Lake” – mazurka, “Romeo and Juliet” – Benvolio, “Contact” – Tom, “Ballet Gala” – Mozart duet, Hopak, “Snow White” – the dwarf Sneeze, the dwarf Doc, “Don Quixote” – Sancho Panza.
Since 2007 he has been the pedagogue of classical dance at The Felix Parnell Ballet State School in Łódź. Many graduates of his class are the winners of the prizes in ballet competitions, both in Poland and in international competitions. These achievements were appreciated by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award for his outstanding achievements in didactic-pedagogic and artistic work.
In years 2007 – 2017 – the instructor of the technique of classical dance and methodology of classical dance teaching at the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź.
Since November 2017 he works as a pedagogue in the ballet team at the school of his graduation.
In January 2018 he was assigned the duties of the leader of the ballet team.

Gábor Halász - Modern Dance

He was born in 1985 at Miskolc, Hungary. He's professional studies as a dancer, began in 2005, at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. In 2007 he becomes participant of the Dance Apprentice Network Across Europe scholarship program, where he participate of the work with such a companies as The Forsythe Company, Random Dance – Wayne Mc’Gregor, Ballet Preljocal and the Ballet National de Marseille. This period his studies was based on classical ballet and various contemporary technics: Forsythe Improvisation Technic, Flor technics, Contact Dance, Voice and Sounds, Contenporary Partnering.

As he finished the D.A.N.C.E. Program he becoming a dancer of the Ballet National de Marseille, under the direction of Fréderich Flamad. In this six years he worker with great choreographers as Yasuyuki Endo, Anabelle Lopez Ochoa, Olivier Dubois. At the same time his choreographic works can be seen on international stages since 2007. In 2011, with his solo (That’s how we cry) he receive the public prize at the L’Hivernales des Avignon.

Since 2014- he is a freelance choreographer and he founded the New Body Composition Co. at Budapest and beside it he was working several times with the Central-Europe Dance Theather and Tellabor - Noémi Kulcsár. In 2015 he receive the choreographic scholarship of Fülöp Viktor foundation. As a dancer he is guesting for companies as: Company Pál Frenák, Badora Dance Company, PRevolution Dance Company and Tellabor - Noémi Kulcsár. In 2018 he is one of the participant of the Imre Zoltán Program in Hungary, what is a complex, one year program for young choreographers as him.


Mario Ghezzi - Contact Improvisation

Mario Ghezzi is a performer, movement and CI researcher, yoga teacher and chinese foot reflexology operator, he lives and works in Italy.
He starts studying contemporary dance, improvisation and CI with A.Certini and C. Zerbey of Company Blu. In the last 15 years he followed the intensives and classes of many teachers like S.Paxton, L.Nelson, J.Hamilton, K.Simson, E.Karzag, M. Keogh, R.Chung, KJ Holmes, D.Zambrano, J.Curtis, K.Hennesy, S.Smith, B. Vooram, S.Batts, R.Nodine and many others but he's mainly influenced by the teaching of Nita Little that meets regularly.
In this years he practices many somatic methods like BodyMindCentering, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Authentic Movement, Noguchi Technique and martial art principles through Tai Ki Kung and Ki-aikido practice.
In the last 5 years his interest in improvisation has been also nourished by the Butoh dance that mainly studies and perform through the teaching of Atsushi Takenouchi and his Jinen Butoh training program.
In the last 6 years Mario studied with the Master Ming Wong the On Zon Su foot massage taking a degree from him after the three years program of his school and now he is continuing his Chinese Medicine studies in Florence at the Acupuncture Florence School.
He also studies and practice yoga and meditation since 1998, he studied in Italy, Spain, India and Sri Lanka. For the last 15 years he has been practicing and studying with Carlos Fiel and the methods of the Sadhana school that integrates the Tantra yoga tradition with the west body-mind research.
He starts to teach CI in 2008 and in the last years he has been teaching CI classes and intensives in Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary.
He participate as performer in theatre and site specific performances and he collaborated with companies like Company Blu, Aldes, SpazioK, RanNetwork, CanitereIkrea.
He created two pieces with CI bases, “Bianco” with C.Catarzi and “Paradise Box” with S.Nesti.
Mario is a co-organizer of the ItalyContactFest, italian festival of CI, the 6th edition will be in June 2016.
Mario as Yoga teacher degreed by the European Union of Yoga is a tutor of the 4 years training program of the Sadhana school in Italy and teaches regularly classes.
As On Zon Su operator and Ontological Coach certificated by the International Coach Federation, Mario treats, meets and listens people that are interested in their personal development.




Kinga Szablowska - Modern Dance

In 1997 she graduated from the National Ballet School in Warsaw. From 1997 to 2002 she worked as a dancer in the Cracow Opera and Oranim Dance Group. In 2001 she was the prize winner of two contests: Le Printemps de la Danse in Bordeaux and Music World Festival in Fivizzano. From 2002 to 2007 she was a dancer of the Opera na Zamku in Szczecin. She is a graduate of the Music Academy of Warsaw. In 2002 she completed her studies of Ballet Education in the department of Musical Education. She began teaching in the Ballet Studio of the Cracow Opera while still a student, later she continued in the Ballet Studio in Opera na Zamku in Szczecin. Currently she works as a pedagogue in the Dance Conservatory in Cracow and the Ballet Studio of the Cracow Opera. She also conducts workshops, takes part in different dance projects and creates her own choreographies. Her choreographies „Different” and „Feelings” won second prizes of the Dance World Cup 2010 (Sardinia) and 2011 (Paris). In 2013 she received a honorary award “Zasłużony dla Kultury Polskiej”  (‘Order for Merit to Polish Culture’).

Katarzyna Grysko - Modern Dance

A graduate of the Ballet School in Bytom, Poland.
Since 2001 – A dancer in Stanisław Hadyna's "Śląsk" Song and Dance Ensemble at Koszęcin; since 2010 – a soloist of this Ensemble.
A dancer of Mikhail Zubkov's. For 13 years now, they have together been looking for the perfect dialogue in the choreographer – dancer relation. She has accompanied Zubkov since the first edition of the Summer School of Contemporary Dance.
In parallel with her working in "Śląsk", she started working as a dance instructor to train youth groups, respectively, at Lubliniec (Disco Dance), Wojska (Gwar) and Pawonków (Talent i Talencik). Since 2008, she has worked as a ballet instructor for children in the Tarnowskie Góry Cultural Centre. She entered into cooperation with Justyna Michalska's TESS group, which resulted in the preparation of a choreography in the contemporary dance technique, which was presented at the Festival in Japan. Her achievements include the preparation of the choreography for, and the direction of the play „Śpiewa cała ziemia” ("The Whole Earth Is Singing") and „Nie wiem, lecz wierzę” ("I Do Not Know, Though I Believe"), in which the chorus singers from "Kolejarz" and the young people of the "Tarnogora" and TESS bands participated. In 2012, she directed the play „Klucz do wrót czasu” ("The Key To The Gates Of Time") for the opening of the Gwarki (Miners) Holiday.
As a dancer, she has participated in many workshops, both at home and abroad (Bytom, Poznan, Heidelberg, Pontedera, Koszęcin). With the latter, she is connected in a special way, as well as a teacher of modern dance and supporting techniques.
She is the founder and choreographer of the "Six Limbs Group" Youth Contemporary Dance Theatre active at the "Karolinka" House of Culture at Radzionków.
In love with the theatre, she is the author of the stage movement for two musical spectacles created in collaboration with the actors of the Teatr Polski in Bielsko Biala and Teatr Śląski in Katowice, entitled:  „Flirt każdego może spotkać” ("A Flirt May Happen To Anyone") – a musical performance with French songs – and "Autsajder" ("The Outsider") (directed by Robert Talarczyk) with new arrangements of songs by the Dżem group. The co-author of the screenplay.
In love with music. She sings, plays the guitar and a little the piano, and writes lyrics and composes music. She used to sing in a choir, and led a parish Schola.
She is currently working on her first show with the young people of the "Six Limbs Group".


Chiara Fulgentini - Classical Dance

Graduated at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, Italy, and at the Rotterdamse Dansacademie (Codarts) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, she studied ballet, modern and contemporary dance techniques with several dance teachers, such as: Michele Pogliani, Gabrielle Steiger, Louise Frank, Derrick Brown, Cathy Sharp, Roxanne Huilmand and Dominique Duszynski. As dancer she worked with the companies “Mind the Gap” in Germany and “Tees Valley Dance” in the United Kingdom, and in several dance projects in Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. As teacher she taught ballet and contemporary dance to children, adults and professionals in Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland. She is currently teaching ballet and modern dance in Spazio Nu in Pontedera, Italy. She successfully prepared some of her students for audition in prestigious dance schools in Italy, such as Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi and Artichoke Formazione Danza e Ricerca in Milan. She keeps training and updating with ballet masters Yoko Wakabaiashi and Victor Litvinov.

Agnieszka Jachym – Modern Dance

Agnieszka Jachym is a dancer who graduated from Ballet Studio of Krakow Opera in 2011 and Ludomir Rozycki State Ballet School in Bytom in 2012, twice the winner of Dance World Cup competition second prize: in Sardinia (2010) and in Paris (2011).
She attended many workshops to enhance contemporary dance technique and improvisation in the country and abroad (among others International Contemporary Dance Summer School in Koszecin, International Stage d'Ete in Geneva-Jiri Kylian and Hofesh Shechter repertoire, flying with Ultima Vez members,low with David Zambrano, Natalia Iwaniec-GAGA, Francesca Harper-Forsythe's improvisation technologies).

While her education, she participated in performances of Krakow Opera, as well as in dance projects ¨Listy George Sand¨ by Michail Zubkov and ¨Feelings¨, ¨Utkane z marzen¨ by Kinga Szablowska. She performed ¨No Sacre¨ by Ismael Ivo as a part of Biblioteca Do Corpo -project for professional excellence in dance during ImpulsTanz in Vienna and Sao Paulo in 2013, too.

In years 2012-2014, she worked with Alexey Kononov-temporaere theater in Berlin and Dresden. Since 2014, she has been working in Tanzcompagnie Giessen/Tanzcompagnie Giessen, where she danced in choreographies byTarek Assam, Felix Dumeril, Paulo Fossa, Rosana Hribar&Gregor Lustek, Marcos Marco, Robert Przybył, Jacek Przybyłowicz, Pascal Touzeau i James Wilton. There, she had a chance to create and show her own choreographies during event ¨Foyer um fuenf¨: solo ¨Zeitraffer¨ in 2015, trio ¨das Cafe¨ in 2016 and duo ¨Au revoir¨ in 2017.

Sonia Wieczorek - Pilates

Fitness instructor, personal trainer. Over the years 1997-2015 she was the owner and the trainer in the Fitness Club AERO-SUN in Tychy. She has over 18 years in her profession and perfected knowledge in physical recreation. A participant in a lot of courses and trainings in Poland and abroad. Instructor with the experience in conducting individual and group classes with healthy people and people after motor organ injuries. She has a wide experience in conducting classes in pilates, body art, functional and circuit training.


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