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Summer Artistic School
Polish Folk and National Dance Workshop
Koszęcin, 5-13.07.2015


We are really glad to invite you to the Summer Artistic School- Polish Folk and National Dance Workshop, organised by the Stanisław Hadyna „Śląsk” Song and Dance Ensemble. The workshop takes place in Koszęcin from 4- 13 July 2014. It is aimed at developing and improving participants’ dance skills and promoting Polish folk culture. During ten days of workshop you will have opportunity to get acquainted with Polish regional and national dances and various dance techniques which motivate dancers to improve their technical and artistic skills. The classes are conducted by pedagogues who are specialists in their field. Some of our pedagogues are dance instructors of the Polish section of CIOFF. We teach Polish national dances using the systematics of Czesław Sroka. The artistic director of the workshop is Jarosław Świątek. All the project is coordinated by the Silesian Regional Education Centre.
The following pedagogues will take part in the Polish Folk and National Dance Workshop this year:
Andrzej Naglak with the band – the Dances of Podhale Highlanders
Zofia Marcinek – the Dances of the Silesian Region
Małgorzata Borowiec – Polish National Dances
Jarosław Świątek - Polish National Dances
Ilona Pułkownik – Classical Ballet
Barbara Seredyńska – Free Technique
Katarzyna Grysko – Supporting Techniques
Piotr Drużny – Folk Dance Technique






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